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Looking for partners
Looking for partners

In order to better produce products and further improve competitiveness, we are looking for excellent enterprises and suppliers to join us. If your products have advantages in technology, price, quality, please feel free to contact us.

Suppliers: engaged in raw materials, power system, standard component and fire equipment
  • 1.The supplier who must be formally reliable and has the business registration record needs to provide the relevant qualification and the certificate;
  • 2.The supplier has long-term supply capability;
  • 3.Provided products have stable stock and maximum avoid out of stock in short supply;
  • 4.Provided products have certain product selection and technical guidance ability;
  • 5.Provided products should have price advantage in market.
    1.Certificate of enterprise qualification
  • (1)An electronic scan of the business license, tax registration, and organization code should be submitted;
  • (2)Improve enterprise information;
  • 2.Certificate of brand qualification
  • (1)The brand letter of authorization for production and operation.
  • (2)Qualifications required by industry and nation
  • (3)Credit, security, public letter certificate
  • 3. Product requirement
  • 1. The product must be genuine, with the invoice voucher;
  • 2. Import products need to provide customs declaration, inspection certificate;
  • 3. Business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, and other certificate regulated by national laws and regulations should be provided.
Application Form
Application Form
*Product Applications/Industry
*Cooperation Field/ Project
*Company Name
Company Profile
*Address *Established Time
*Registered Capital *Factory Area
*Staff Numbers *Annual Output
*Annual Sales *Main Customers
*Project Profile
*Advantages *Disadvantages
Contact Person
*Name *Tel
*Position *E-mail